Thursday, 1 April 2010

Dance With The Moon

1st March 22:26
 (my camera is broken so 'fraid no current moon pic)

Barely a murmur, barely a flicker of unreason... slightly grouchy a couple of weeks ago, but horrible stomach cramps & backache to accompany my ‘red-moon’ for a day on monday. Maybe it’s a bit of a trade-off, but in general I don’t fare too badly. I’ve noticed this past year I get more pain... similar to my teenage years, but on a shorter scale. I’ve also been having a day or two of much heavier blood-flow than usual... I think my body is having a final fling as my hormone levels change and I move towards menopause.
Peri-menopause is the official name for the stage before periods stop, but where very real menopausal symptoms show there face. For some women, this can last years. I am 46, nearly 47. My mum began going through ‘the change’ at this age... she was not amused as it was about 57 for her mother! I can check off many of the "34 symptoms of menopause" (on the page at the top), so I reckon things are moving that way. 
I wondered whether it helped that i thought about being more grounded... maybe, but last friday I was out late... the sky was clear & still, the moon waxing, nearly full. I leaned against a lone oak tree, one broken branch still attached, curled round me, the moon looking down through the branches.
With moonlight on my face, I felt totally safe, wrapped in the arms of the oak tree. We all smiled in contentment. I thought about feeling grounded through the roots of the oak, but instantaneously I also felt the moon connection. Mooned? Lunared? What name would you give it? The equivalent to grounding, being earthed? Tuned to the moon I heard or rather felt...
It’s the moon connection. Being in tune with the rhythms. Of ebb and flow. Of tides of your body. Dance with the moon.
And I did. Held in the arms of the oak I danced with the moon. It's something I often do, but perhaps these last few months I haven't. Maybe that has something to do with the pmt stuff? But this month I've been fine.


Ruth said...

This is an interesting synchronicity - I am past menopause now, but this morning as I wrote my journal I too was recognising a need to be more `earthed', and planning to spend time in my garden. By the way, the heavier blood flow - I found that happened to me and talking to other women at the time I found it was very common, in fact probably normal!

musemother said...

Hi Taranova
glad you stopped by ms menopause blog. Glad to read yours! very poetic. I am past menopause, but still in love with the moon. This week it was low on the horizon and bright orange one night. We do need grounding, and 'mooning' I suppose.
take good care,

taranova said...

thanks for stopping by ruth & jenn... thanks for your comments too