Saturday, 23 October 2010


21st october, 21:38

A full moon in aries...
from this month the moon moves into a more harmonious 
cycle of the full moon being in the same sign
 as the previous new moon...
for 15 months of  the reverse being true...
i found out at Into The Mystic
which led me to
The Aquarius Papers

I would say i started feeling
off balance with my moon times for a year or so,
so perhaps this has had some bearing.
I haven't been able to find any articles relating
astrology to pmt,
 but i'm sure the planets have a bearing
on how we are affected.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Red Moon

30th september, 22:47

i've been blissed out with energy levels zinging
then bam! 
today, joints ache & everything's an effort.
check the calendar... uh-huh
red moon approaches!


everything i've done has incurred some mis-hap
dropped the dog lead... daft dog ran off...
dropped a blind i was putting back up...
broke the little trinket dish that was my grans...
blah, blah on it goes.

planned to write loads
but the crystal thoughts of what about
have turned to turn to foggy remnants.
inspiration has officially hidden behind a cloud.
i ache, i'm tired, but not for sleep.
roll on tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Full Moon Anger!

Moon-time misery has barely figured
apart from twice
when pmt occurred at full moon...

a few hours clouded by anger
an inexplicable rage
at what? i don't know
but i haven't had this before
a build up of pressure
like steam waiting to explode...
not like me.

22 september, 05:40

and of course it did.
and it went.
the red mist subsided 
and everything softened

23 september, 05:58

but... a conversation with someone 
mired in misery, depression & anger
who seeks my attention
but chooses not to be helped

he has exploded
towards others at work
a long time problem
of anger he can't contain

25 september, 06:23

i think.

it is not the first time i have experienced 
the pain, the feelings
of others
but usually i recognise what is not mine

as my body moves towards menopause
 much is written about 
mood swings & scattered emotions
perhaps this expectation clouded my view
i overlooked the signs

perhaps some of the emotional swings
are due to an increased sensitivity
which for me 
seem to be at full or new moon

lessons to embrace
not fear
in order to don
the mantle of wise-woman