Sunday, 22 August 2010

Moving on...

Well... i've created a new space...

 it's still a work in progress
with quite a bit yet to write to set the scene.
But it's a start. 
I've taken some of the posts from here with me, 
so everyone should feel at home.
If you'd like to pop over,
I'd be honoured to share your company.

Moon-time tara is staying here, in the back ground
for those times i need to retreat...
more of a private place
for when i need to unravel my muddles.

But of course you are welcome to stay...
in what for me, 
has been and will continue to be
 a gentle healing space.

In the meantime
i'll be sharing my photography & lunar musings,
hopefully a little more regularly as i go

Monday, 9 August 2010


3rd august, 06:55

its been a dreamy moon for me...
moon-dreamin is good for the soul-
plenty of plans & goals dreams
mixed in with indulgent dreamy dreams...
if you know what i mean?

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


28th july, 22:08

Still low, catching golden sun-rays
a momentary glimpse
'twixt horizon and cloud...


i wait as she climbs
clouds announcing her progress
with gold and silver luminosity...


i am entranced... captivated
by a show that could be
for my eyes only...


she dances between gauzy layers
of iridescent darkness
weaving her magic into the fabric...


a waltz of hide and reveal
and i watch and i sway and
i move to her rhythm...

a night of enchantment
my soul filled with light
i give thanks for her blessing