Monday, 19 April 2010

Dark Moon Down-time

saturday, 17th april, 21:54

A dark moon of inactivity this month... just aimless, couldn't-be-botheredness apart from essential stuff. But now She is back in my sky and energies have shifted... The new moon was wednesday 14th april which coincided with my mental lethargy!


sue said...

I felt exactly like that too coming up to this new moon.. with energies shifting as she awakens!

taranova said...

Quite a few have felt the same way this time around it seems!

zendotstudio said...


found you via your comment on my blog. love your writing on "who is Tara?" When I read it, I thought well this is the human condition, isn't it? Sometimes things are good and we are pleased by the behaviour of those around us and sometimes it isn't what we want. And it is wise to just be with this sometimes instead of spilling it out onto others. It's our stuff, isn't it?

And I think your need to write this blog comes from our human need to connect. In many ways it's what makes life rich and worthwhile. I think you are brave to write so honestly. And it seems to me you are just exploring the depths of your life. And for me that's what life is about and maybe that's who Tara is, the moving shifting landscape exploring her experience. I love the saying I heard somewhere "we are spirit having a human experience."

taranova said...

yes I love that saying too, Z... thank you for your wise thoughts. x

Caroline said... your blog and your honesty! So glad to have found you. And I agree with the new moon energy! xo