Thursday, 29 April 2010

Hide & Reveal

25th april, 20:23

sometimes i wonder
whether to reveal myself
to be seen without hiding my identity

 i mean, pretty much all of the time
 i am comfortable 
with who i am and what i feel

26th april, 20:45

but perhaps some obscurity is wise
just because i don't have that feeling of unreason
doesn't mean it won't come back again

then where would i turn?
in those moments of angst it is better
to spare those nearest from my shadows, 
until i can cast some light on them myself

it isn't black and white
reason and unreason, shadow and light
the mystery of me 

the moon, la luna, selene
we all know who she is
no matter how much of herself she reveals

i think anyone who knows me who stumbles on this space,
may realise who i am, 
and that is fine
(especially as i sometimes forget to log out
when i travel the blogosphere!)
and if my dearest find me, i hope you'll understand

27th april, 21:50

so i dress myself in shadows
 to reveal more, not to hide
it's mystery, not deception
hiding in plain sight


Anonymous said...

beautiful luna.. the shadows contain all of our spirit.. mingling.. together in balance..
Beltane Blessings.. have a wonderful weekend xx

taranova said...

yes.. i feel your thoughts... thank you... Beltaine Blessings to you too xx

Tammie said...

I love how you have used the moon and its many guises to support your thoughts.

taranova said...

Thanks tammie... it's turning into much more of an exploration rather than an occasional rant!