Saturday, 13 March 2010

 11th march, 07:18

Dark moon approaches, a time for introspection
Sink into the darkness, a time for deep reflection

Consumed the statutory bar of chocolate last night.... a large huge one. That time draws near, maybe another week, probably less. I vary. Perhaps being aware & on my guard will help. No more chocolate now that i've realised (at least that's my theory). I'm better if I don't eat it at all, but knowing that doesn't stop me, reason doesn't always enter into it. 


sue said...

i think the cravings are there for a reason, a little bit of what we fancy around that time of the month is a real(feel)good thing :) but stopping after a little bit, well.........! the thought of it makes me want to cry lol x

taranova said...

lol... I subscribe to that theory too. But I get achey joints when i eat chocolate all the time. If i eat none its easier (ish) that allowing myself a bit.... can't do it, its all or nothing!