Saturday, 21 January 2012




No need to talk.

 And that is good.

 10th december 2011 ~ 16:27

No issues for a year. Two years ago i started this blog, worried about my moon-time misery... this is how it started...

I'm in a strange place at the moment. Emotional jelly. Disproportionately hurt. For no reason... well there are reasons, but they're not anything to justify this reaction. I know that, but I can't seem to help it. I'm trying to un-peel the layers, to look below the surface & see what icy shards of former hurt remain unmelted. Unhealed.

I felt like i was in a foreign land... this is that first post. 

 14th december, 2011 ~ 07:43

It was indeed a foreign land... it was a cycle that took a year to unravel, a year of talking about things in public in a way i hadn't done before, followed by a year of silence. More or less. It wasn't just here that i've been silent... i've barely written in other places either.

It could have been the planetary movements bringing things to the surface... nudging me to examine myself... because the astrological the map does guide us in ways unseen... there could be other things at play. A clearing... a cleansing before some unseen initiation.

Years ago, it was similar irrationality that started me paying closer attention to the cycles of the moon... i'm trying to think exactly when.... about 10 years ago, thereabouts... but what followed was an intense few years of spiritual growth & healing. This last year has been intense too... i've retreated, withdrawn from people and things i usually do... didn't do any of the 'oughts' or 'shoulds'... particularly since the summer solstice.

But it has been very necessary. Connections have deepened. Energies have strengthened. 

 22 december, 2011~ 07:05

Since the winter solstice & the new moon something has changed. I've changed. An attitude... a confidence... a note in my voice. An apprenticeship is served. Maybe a new one will start.

I'm not sure whether i will write here.... or whether i shall change the focus. I've photographed the January full moon & written my thoughts at Moondreamin'. I do plan to fill in some of the gaps over there... i have notes & photographs to share & want to keep a record.... both of the moon & how my photography improves (or not) Things will come back on track naturally at Spirit Whispers i think too.

Already this month, I've been given several opportunities to help others heal... more in a few weeks than all of the last couple of years. And the energy is stronger than ever... powerful in a way that words can't convey. It's time to use it...

9th january, 2012 ~ 07:54

~The Moon of Welcome~


Rose said...

I always love your moon pictures. There are so many beauties here! (Mind you - when is the moon ever ugly? But you have an amazing knack of capturing her)

Glad to hear have things have come round for you. I think this just happens sometimes, when we do the work. Things go in cycles....


Ruth said...

Interesting - I have also felt this chnage in energy, as if throughout the last year I was undergoing a long slow initiation that is now complete. Looking forward to the start of the Chinese New Year with the new moon on Monday.

taranova said...

Mmm... they certainly do rose... & yes i'm trying to put in the work... my way of being has certainly changed over the years.

This past year has been... strange... not unpleasant... it's funny ruth, i've noticed more than a few people i'm closest to in this wonderful web community have needed to withdraw some too...

wishing you well xo

(mymoonlog) said...

Amazing photo