Sunday, 20 March 2011

Seeing the Signs?

"Do you find that keeping a constant eye on the moon has a stronger effect on your life? The moon cycle is the same month to month. Do you see differences (details) that a random observer doesn't? For example, just before the Indonesia earthquake/tidal wave almost 6 years ago I saw a red ring around the moon. I would love to read some of your insights on the topic."

These questions came from Lisa, commenting on my last post, and it set me off on so many trains of thought that I still haven't written down. 

I wanted to be able to say yes, but I haven't seen signs that I can relate to specific events... perhaps the signs have been there & I haven't made the connection... perhaps I have been looking at a more personal level rather than global. I gave myself a slight admonishment at that... have i been too focussed on self? I do see signs frequently... unusual rainbow effects, circles of light, cloud formations and such. Often when I have been pondering something I see a sign that confirms or points me in a direction... that mean something to me... or sparks an insight into human behaviour or needs... When I do have such insights I may share them on moondreamin', though here, I tend to stick to the personal.

18th january, 06:50
same moon only a few seconds apart
different shutter speed
a slightly different way of looking
 yields a totally different view

But, spending so much time gazing upwards, you would think that I would sense something... again i had the sense that is something to do with focus, and vowed to try & be more aware. Before the February earthquake in New Zealand, I hadn't seen the moon at all for a fortnight due to cloud... i didn't see her for 3 days before the Japan earthquake last week... 

I also wonder whether it is to do with timing... that the moon may transmit her message for a time, & it depends who is looking at that time. There was an earthquake in New Zealand last September, and one in Chile last february... I've looked back over photographs to see if they would jog a memory of what i saw or felt. Whilst I can remember specific thoughts related to some, and have notes relating to others, nothing, even with hindsight, triggered an alarm at those times... 

8th march, 17:31
at the time i saw the moon moving into a 
clear space from behind cloud,
being held in a circle, 
a part of the whole but with her own identity.

now, as i post the picture, 
i see the moon as an eye in a fierce looking
birds or dragons head. 
am i looking for something that isn't there?
or showing that perception & focus determine 
what is seen or how a message is received?

an earthquake may be seen as a random event of nature,
or as a part of the whole of Earth... 
a shake of her muscle as she expresses her irritation
a bird pecking at it's feathers to clean them
a dragon scorching an intruder with it's breath...

lessons to be learned, 
don't bury our heads or hide behind clouds
look to the skies where eagle soars & dragon flies
see how gently they can land on earth... 

There are people I know, who get a sense of 'something is going to happen', one in particular who feels quite ill before such events of nature... usually, once she talks about it... acknowledges the feeling, it lifts... she can sense where in the world something may happen. Often she is right, sometimes nothing seems to occur. 

But what is someone supposed to do with that premonition? Perhaps it is the evolution of our collective mind... more strongly evolved in some... perhaps as more people tune in to this energy the collective can work to restore balance. Perhaps, being aware of some impending event means that we can transmit healing energy before it happens... maybe enough soothing vibes in an area can help mitigate the effects... 

"A blanket of comfort & calm... gently soothing the Earth... absorbing the anguish & pain... gently transmuting them into loving, peaceful energy... a blanket of calm gently soothing & settling the tremors... feel the earth's heart beating steadily once more... calmed by the blanket of love...  "
(this is part of a Blanket of Comfort for Japan at Healing Whispers)


Rose said...

I am not sure seeing the future is a skill i would like to have. I can not think of many things worse than knowing that something really bad is going to happen and where in the world it is going to strike and being pretty powerless to do anything about it.

I find this really interesting though. I think seeing for the world and seeing for yourself and those close to you are the same skill but different scales. Maybe it is a matter of intent and / or gift? Is this something you wish to develop?

*hugs* your moons are beautiful!

taranova said...

No... i'm not worried about seeing into the future... i think it will unfold in its own time, besides i think what people see is often a potential for a future that can change... but yeah, think intent has to do with developing it, tho many have the 'gift' without trying...
that is how my friend feels.. powerless

I was thinking about physical signs, like lisa saw the red ring... but would only know what it meant with hind sight i suppose.

I somehow couldn't nail what i wanted to say, but felt had to post it anyway, if you know what i mean!

Rose said...

I do know what you mean and I find the whole thing intriguing to. but oh so scary...

the spirit that moves me said...

Wow, intriguing post. I recently took a couple courses in astrology, and the teacher that I go to has an uncanny ability to see what is happening on a grand scale before it happens. It is a world I am truly intrigued by, but know little about. I am instinctually drawn to it though - as though we were always meant to read these signs (both internally and externally) this way.

A very interesting question you raised about what to do about the information when we have it. I agree that taking care of ourselves collectively - through a preventative approach if possible - sounds right to me.

taranova said...

i wish i knew more about the astrological clues... but i've not put much time into learning, just a bit here n there.... it is so intriguing isn't it! I haven't seen a name anywhere.. can i call you by something other than t-s-t-m-m?

the spirit that moves me said...

Thanks for asking! It's Kristen.

taranova said...

ah Kristen... thats better! *waves*

Lisa F. Tardiff said...

Aug.20th,2011 -- and I've just read this blog which was inspired by some of my questions. I found your words powerful and loved many of your observations. Your pictures are always incredible....

Here is one more question that came to mind.
I wonder how it feels to have your glance focused so much towards the MOON?


taranova said...

The moon speaks to my emotions... but it is not the only way i glance, although that is what i write here. The earth & trees are part of my staple diet & i never turn down a sunrise if i can help it!