Monday, 31 May 2010

May Thoughts

17 may, 22:48

It seems that when I have had the inclination to post,
 I have not had the time.
When I have had the time I have not had the inclination.
I've thought about it a lot... but not put thought into action.
I have written, but not completed my train of thought...

23 may, 22:02

I've spoken to a few people 
who i have not contacted for a while...
each one has semi rebuked me for not being in touch.
Err... excuse me, am I the only one with a phone?
 Isn't communication a two-way thing?
So why is it just me who hasn't rung?

28 may, 23:22

 I haven't wanted to, perhaps they sense this... perhaps.
They are people I have been close to over the years,
 but the relationship generally consists of 
them talking & me listening,
though they would not recognise it as such. 
They are lovely people. They could do with my support.
But I put off phoning because I know
 I need at least an hour (or two) to listen...
It has become something I ought to do, rather than want to do.
 For a long time I have not been fulfilled
 by merely being supportive.
Friendship is a two-way thing... 

28 may 23:58

If they were boyfriends I'd end it saying 'It's not you, it's me' 
After all, it is me that's changed not them...
but it's different with friends.

Perhaps this annoyance was a pmt thing...
Maybe we can re-balance or maybe we have run our course,
time will tell....

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Ruth said...

I find, more and more as I get older, that silence is a blissful thing. Our lives are so busy.