Sunday, 30 May 2010

April Thoughts

25 april

Full moon approaches
insights move in & out of focus
different perspectives emerge

I've been back in my 'home' area for 18 months & i've barely seen anyone I know from my previous life... recently I keep catching sight of people or bumping into them, people from years ago... I've wondered if these are hints to reconnect... or are there lessons to learn.... or things still to let go.
Maybe I am now more open... maybe i have hidden myself... 

Circumstances removed me from circulation... took me away from everyone & everything I once knew. I needed 'time off'... chance to re-group & re-assess. I've grown my inner Self... my connection to Nature, to Spirit, to the Web of Life. Although I feel so very much more connected, at the same time I feel apart from much that goes on. Life is much simpler now. I like it like this. Maybe seeing these people is a reminder, a confirmation of how far i have moved on...

[for some reason i wrote this & never came back to post it, no doubt i had some major point i wanted to add which now eludes me!]

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