Thursday, 14 October 2010

Red Moon

30th september, 22:47

i've been blissed out with energy levels zinging
then bam! 
today, joints ache & everything's an effort.
check the calendar... uh-huh
red moon approaches!


everything i've done has incurred some mis-hap
dropped the dog lead... daft dog ran off...
dropped a blind i was putting back up...
broke the little trinket dish that was my grans...
blah, blah on it goes.

planned to write loads
but the crystal thoughts of what about
have turned to turn to foggy remnants.
inspiration has officially hidden behind a cloud.
i ache, i'm tired, but not for sleep.
roll on tomorrow.


Rose said...

Feel better and the luck will turn soon. Sometimes life sucks! *hug*

taranova said...

thanks rose... i get the aches & clumsies every so often & can't suss out why! Today it feels like it might be an allergic reaction, but easing now. appreciate the hug x

Anonymous said...

hope things have settled down.. xx av had a complete shift (or more like a lurch) in my cycle this last month.. wondering how to put it into words cos it's mixed up with other stuffs :/ ahh well it'll come if needs be, i guess:)

catch up properly soon hopefully..sending hugs.......

p.s. fullmoon-time and am wide awake still heheheh :o) getting used to it now just sorta fits in lol.