Saturday, 23 October 2010


21st october, 21:38

A full moon in aries...
from this month the moon moves into a more harmonious 
cycle of the full moon being in the same sign
 as the previous new moon...
for 15 months of  the reverse being true...
i found out at Into The Mystic
which led me to
The Aquarius Papers

I would say i started feeling
off balance with my moon times for a year or so,
so perhaps this has had some bearing.
I haven't been able to find any articles relating
astrology to pmt,
 but i'm sure the planets have a bearing
on how we are affected.


Rose said...

I am sure the planets affect our cycles as well. This full moon feels a little tumultous and stormy to me. I think at heart, I am a new moon kinda girl though. I feel very, very tired right now.... *hug*

taranova said...

hugs to you rose x

Anonymous said...

interesting..since my miscarriage about a year and a half ago my cycle has been completely out of synch.. before this i have always, menstruated with the moon. this last dark moon my period was almost 2 weeks late and am now 'suddenly' back in synch with the dark moon.. and it's so noticable on an emotional level.. so far the shift feels immense.. actually am feeling some relief (oddly). over the past 19 months i feel as though i've had a double wammy with pmt symptoms..they've felt increased in intensity and also have been occuring twice every month.. coming up to bleeding time and also mid cycle (what would have been my bleeding time before). that time has felt like a long heavy haul..but feels like all those hormones are settling down nicely now. time will tell :o) lol.

off to have a wee read of those links.. thanks hun..


taranova said...

(((hugs))) to you too, ari.. i hope things are settling for you. xx

Emily said...

I saw the link to your blog on 'Rattling the Bones', so I thought I'd stop by.

I like what you are exploring here.
Do you take the photographs yourself?
They are beautiful.

taranova said...

hi emily, good to *see* you... yes the photos are all mine, thanks.